What's New at Masconette Farm?

Paddock Resurfacing

Paddocks leveled, graded and resurfaced to keep the broodmares up on a dry pad. It eliminates the mud that comes every spring. Happy broodmares make happy foals.

paddock level and resurfaced  paddock level and resurfaced


In loving memory of our best friend and most loyal and loving companion Co-Co.

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the sudden passing of Co-Co on 10 Oct. 2015.Dogs like her are rare!

She was John Ferrero's loyal companion and Masconette Farm's devoted watch dog and security guard for 11+ years. Everyone who knew her will remember how she made Masconette Farm a happier place. We are very sorry for this loss. May she rest in peace.

Horsemanship Goals

Every boarder is unique and each one has his/her own goals. Some simply enjoy watching the horses graze in the sun, others have specific riding and driving ambitions they can practice at the farm.

learn to ride
Kadie wants to learn to ride.

learn to drive carriage
Sara wants to drive.

learn to pony
Danni wants to pony.

train to ride
Debbie wants to trail ride.

Track Maintenance

John is always busy making daily rounds on his beloved farm. His day starts early around 5:30 AM. There is always work to do and new ideas and improvements to be implemented to benefit the boarders and their horses. Feeding, tuning horses out, checking pasture fences, cleaning the stalls, ordering supplies, clearing brush, dragging the track, securing the property are always number one priority around here, and the cart and carriage driving track is harrowed (dragged) daily for rider's safety and comfort.

harrowing equestrian track
John uses a harrow to drag the equestrian track daily. 

Through the Four Seasons

Winter: The horses don't mind spending time outside of their stalls on a nice winter day. They enjoy each other's company while munching on several feedings of hay throughout the day.

winter paddock

One of the biggest challenges of winter is keeping the track clear of snow and open.

plowing the track

We ride year round! The horses love it and we don't mind.

winter riding

Spring: Once spring arrives there is a list of things that need to get done to get everything up to par at Masconette Farm. The track needs to be leveled and fixed, fallen branches picked up, fence posts set, paddocks cleaned out, pastures dragged and foals foaled.

jogging the horse

tractor auger

Standardbred broodmare and foal

Summer is all about riding and driving the horses, forging new friendship and having fun at Masconette Farm.

hunter jumper group

ridign Optimal

carriage driving

Autumn is here and we are enjoying the gorgeous fall leaves.

fall at masconette

This also is the time where horses need to add some pounds, so here they are, enjoying unlimited hay via large hay bales.

large hay bale

At Masconette Farm nothing worth doing is ever done by accident and inventions happen by necessity. If this one isn't the most genius idea to keep the round bales dry using a kiddie pool, then I don't know what is. 

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